Solar Water Solutions part of the Imagine H2O Asia network

Imagine H2O Asia brings new water innovations to regions most affected by water scarcity. We are proud to join the network and be part of the solution, together making a positive impact on the Asia-Pacific water crisis.

March, 2024

Climate actions with ClimatePoint

Together with Norwegian climate investment fund ClimatePoint, we come out even stronger in helping others achieve positive carbon handprint. ClimatePoint funds low-carbon solutions and chose us in their portfolio which works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

February, 2024

Securing irrigation water efficiency with solar desalination system

Antigua and Barbuda was looking for a way to provide farmers with safe irrigation water. Solar Water Solution’s automatic, reliable solar desalination system turned out to be the best sustainable solution.

June, 2023

Case Madagascar: Providing clean water to a hospital suffering from drought and power shortages

A hospital in Tsihombe, Madagascar, struggled with a dried river and an unstable electric grid. Solar Water Solution’s water purification system solved the problem. Our unique ANVS technology was a key component in the solution.

April, 2023

Connecting with Danone for sustainable impact

Solar Water Solutions attended the Danone Communities LEX event to share innovation, learn, discover new business models, and prepare for a sustainable future together.

February, 2023

Danfoss X Solar Water Solutions

Discover how the Danfoss VACON® 100 X drives, Danfoss APP pumps, and DrivePro® Remote Monitoring system power Solar Water Solutions’ high-efficient water purification machinery.

October, 2022

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