Clarion Hotel’s toast of sustainable drinking water

A toast to the Baltic Sea and boosting the efforts to clean it! Clarion Hotel Helsinki and Clean the Baltic Sea Project with partners organized an event focusing on climate change issues.

August, 2018

Brand new desalination unit installed on Finnish archipelago

SolarRO PRO systems brackish water model purifies potable water directly from the Baltic Sea. The daily capacity of 18m³ clean and fresh drinking water is produced for youth camp visitors on the island of Leikosaari in Southern Finland.

August, 2018

Read the latest Scan Magazine promoting Scandinavia

Happy to be among cool Scandinavian quality brands @ Scan Magazine: The Magazine promoting Scandinavian lifestyle, travel and business.

July, 2018 Providing affordable drinking water in Kenya with Finnish technology

Finnish technological solutions could solve many global development challenges such as the scarcity of clean drinking water. What's to prevent Finnish high-tech solutions from conquering the world?

January, 2018 Finnish cleantech company believes it can help to change the water scarcity

Over two billion people worldwide use a contaminated source for their drinking water. It is a striking statistic, and one Finnish cleantech company Solar Water Solutions believes it can help to change.

January, 2018

Media release: Finnish eco-invention starts African market entry in Kenya

Clean drinking water will be produced from a drilled well for a local school and village community in the Kenyan countryside.

December, 2017

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Mobile small-scale water purification and desalination units showcased (and pure drinking water from the Baltic Sea served) at the #UN Partnership Event – Exhibition of Innovative Technological Solutions for @UNPeacekeeping #BusinessFinland #developingmarkets


Solar desalination, is a New Technology providing a reliable solution in the purification of saline water in our off-grid regions. @epicenterafrica @wstf_ke @WomeninenergyKE @FirstLadyMbt @minwater_irrig @WASPAKenya @GovernorWajir @MarsabitGov @LamuCountyKe @Lamucountygov

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