Danfoss X Solar Water Solutions

Discover how the Danfoss VACON® 100 X drives, Danfoss APP pumps, and DrivePro® Remote Monitoring system power Solar Water Solutions’ high-efficient water purification machinery.


Danfoss X Solar Water Solutions

Danfoss, a long-term technology partner of Solar Water Solutions, co-developed an electrical infrastructure solution specifically for a project in rural Kenya, bringing clean drinking water with 100% renewable resources.


Driving the transition to carbon-neutral water production together, the companies integrated APP high-pressure pumps, VACON® 100 X VFD drives, and the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring solution —together with SWS’s ANVS® valve system — to be the driving force behind the SolarRO desalination system.

The containerized and decentralized SolarRO water purification units from Solar Water Solutions (SWS) are designed to operate in remote locations with renewable energy — and entirely without energy storage or a stable grid. Based on reverse osmosis, the SolarRO system also features SWS’s patented Adaptive Nozzle Valve System (ANVS®) that maintains consistent pressure with the lowest energy consumption of all RO systems.

SWS has long used the versatile Danfoss APP high-pressure pumps that enable the SolarRO system to run at varying speeds with high accuracy. For this Kitui-project in Kenya, SWS and Danfoss took the solution to the next level, codeveloping a new electrical infrastructure using the VACON® 100 X drives with Solar Pump application as the driving force behind the system.

Plus, the system features a tailor-made Danfoss DrivePro® Remote Monitoring platform. The cloud-based technology allows SWS specialists to adjust system parameters while preventing and resolving issues quickly and accurately — so that the SolarRO units operate independently in villages like Kitui.


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Thank you to all partners making the Kitui water project happen: #Climate Fund Managers #Kitui County Government #Epicenter Africa #Lorentz

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