Securing irrigation water efficiency with solar desalination system

Antigua and Barbuda was looking for a way to provide farmers with safe irrigation water. Solar Water Solution’s automatic, reliable solar desalination system turned out to be the best sustainable solution.

The island of Antigua has some rivers and other small bodies of water, but the water is of poor quality and has been salinized due to the proximity of the sea. The island’s natural water sources aren’t suitable for irrigation without proper cleaning and desalination processes.


Automatic reverse osmosis process for easy operation 

Antigua and Barbuda’s Department of Environment solved the problem and ordered two Solar Water Solutions brackish water units for two different agricultural locations on the island of Antigua. After the year 2022 severe drought in the area, the crops were suffering and the only water for irrigation supplied from the pond was contaminated. Both water purification units now operating in the farms are direct solar-powered and built-in insulated eight-foot containers. The sturdy structure of the units is designed to withstand even the most extreme Caribbean weather conditions. 

SolarRO ANVS® technology enables automatic and low-maintenance operations in remote locations. Solar-only is not just an environmentally friendly solution, but also a very reliable solution in sunny Caribbean conditions.

Efficiency gains and a steady source of safe water

Water in Antigua is salinized but still relatively fresh. This means that the RO system’s performance is very high with low energy consumption. During sun hours the solar-RO system can produce 1,1 cubic liters of clean water in one hour. This means ten cubic liters of irrigation water in a day for the crops.

Learn more about the sustainable project and watch the ABS News video from the site.