Climate actions with ClimatePoint

Together with Norwegian climate investment fund ClimatePoint, we come out even stronger in helping others achieve positive carbon handprint. ClimatePoint funds low-carbon solutions and chose us in their portfolio which works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to funding low-carbon solutions, ClimatePoint quantifies and forecasts the climate impact of companies, enabling green value chains.

Last year alone, they enabled 2 388 tCO2e of avoided emissions through corporate investments.

As a portfolio company in ClimatePoint’s Travel & Mobility vertical, Solar Water Solutions can reach new customers to help reduce their emissions in water production.

We are thrilled to collaborate and contribute to even greater emission reductions in 2024. ClimatePoint’s Impact Analysis shows that Solar Water Solutions has a significant climate value proposition in the green transition, avoiding more emissions than it emits by 2026 – representing a 1.5° technology aligned with the Paris Accord.

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