Make pure drinking water with zero CO2 emissions

The world’s only decentralized water purification system that runs without batteries powered by solar.

Produce potable drinking water locally.

Easy water for islands, deserts and remote villages

Our watermakers are designed to function autonomously in off-grid locations. They're fully automatic with no need for adjustments, so you won't need professionals around. Even the filters and membranes are easy to replace.
Just plug and drink.

We run on solar, we run off-grid.

As ecological as water gets

How about locally produced drinking water from the tap? You'll avoid the transport of water and bottled water.

Renewable energy

Small carbon footprint

No plastic waste

We run on solar, no diesel needed.

Zero running costs

Solar energy's nature is to be variable. Our unique technology creates constant pressure for reverse osmosis. Only we can make water with solar energy without batteries. Zero battery investments and zero running costs thanks to our friend, the sun. The result: the lowest lifecycle costs.

We run on solar, sunshine doesn't cost a penny.

We're the watermakers

Our family has solved how to turn seawater into drinking water with renewable energy – one of the biggest problems in the world.

We run on solar, we are part of the solution.