On a mission of zero emissions

We are proud to present our Brand Ambassador, worldwide published adventure & landscape photographer Konsta Punkka. Konsta is specialized to capture expressions and feelings of wildlife and has worked in the most remote locations on the planet. These following pictures are from our 100% solar-powered project in Kenya.

January, 2020

Ease-of-mind with advanced desalination solutions

Welcome to the new era of solar-powered water purification using IoT applications – with features helping the control of the systems in remote locations. The easy-to-use remote monitoring tools deliver real-time data enabling you to visually track and control the performance of the water purification systems.

October, 2019

In drought-stricken Namibia, solar energy is now used to make clean water from the Atlantic Ocean

Turning seawater into drinking and irrigation water can now be made with renewable energy in places where there is no community water infrastructure. In sub-Saharan Africa, solar desalination is providing clean drinking water for the population and also serving important ecological and economic needs in coastal agriculture.

May, 2019

Solar Water Solutions is awarded the Baltic Sea Award

The prize is intended to draw attention to the state of the Baltic Sea and reward a company or person who has done valuable work for the environment. The award winner was chosen by a panel composed of representatives of entities that themselves make significant efforts to save the Baltic Sea.

February, 2019

New revolutionary desalination system with zero energy costs: SolarRO PRO 3500 & 7000

Containerized SolarRO reverse osmosis system is ideal for water production in remote islands and rural areas. Production capacity from seawater up to 7000 L/h. Watch this video and learn more!

February, 2019

Kenyan rural community enjoys safe drinking water made by SolarRO 1500 desalination system

Last January, Business Finland reported that a transformative SolarRO unit was on the way to Kenya in a shipping container. The solar-powered water purification unit was installed on time in Tseikuru location, a rural area in Kenya. The system produces safe drinking water for 700 villagers, 400 of whom are school children.

December, 2018

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Maximum performance for use in harsh environments 👊. Our updated SolarRO saltwater system is equipped with highly advanced control capabilities suitable for decentralized off-grid locations. ✅ easy usability ✅ dependability w/ VACON® ✅ @Danfoss @DanfossDrives #WeRunOnSolar

Sustainability and top-quality performance are in our DNA. Delighted, that we completed ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certificates to ensure high standards. We help our customers to achieve their goals in eco-efficiency with safe water treatment 🌱🥇 https://solarwatersolutions.fi/en/article/we-are-iso-certified-for-environment-and-quality-processe/

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