Case Madagascar: Providing clean water to a hospital suffering from drought and power shortages

A hospital in Tsihombe, Madagascar, struggled with a dried river and an unstable electric grid. Solar Water Solution’s water purification system solved the problem. Our unique ANVS technology was a key component in the solution.


The city of Tsihombe in Madagascar used to get water from the Manambovo River. After the river dried, the whole city, and especially its hospital, suffered from dirty water.

To make things worse, the unstable local electric grid was unsuitable for water purification. The reverse osmosis purification process needs a steady pressure, which traditionally needs a constant power supply. Due to the regular power shortages the power supply was simply too unreliable.

Steady pressure for reverse osmosis with ANVS technology

The hospital and the municipal water supply network now get their water from a deep borehole on the riverbank which Solar Water Solutions has equipped with a purification facility.

Our unique ANVS technology keeps the pressure even and enables the use of the unstable grid. Solar panels further guarantee the supply of energy and save energy costs.

The SolarRO water-making machine is designed for an environment like this with a lack of infrastructure and challenging climate conditions. This reliability of operation is essential in a case like Tsihombe where people’s well-being is at stake.

What are the results?

The benefits of this project to the people of Tsihombe have been great. After the installation of the water purification facility, over 26 000 people in Tsihombe now enjoy fresh water. The hospital has had an uninterrupted water supply since opening in November 2022. The system produces 45 Million liters of clean water yearly.

The facility runs partly on solar, bringing 35 % energy savings.

In Madagascar, our operation & maintenance partner is APB Energy. Learn more about their services: