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We have delivered over 300 small to mid-sized solar desalination units to remote islands and deserts, and no wonder. Both our reverse osmosis (RO) products and off-grid specialist engineers adapt easily to different conditions with strong expertise in harsh environments.

Field-proven SolarRO units equipped with ANVS® technology are robust and reliable, and they are designed to last. We have product lines for seawater and brackish water, to purify your water source for potable use.

You’ll get clean water with high performance but low energy consumption.

Sea Water Products
SolarRO model nameSW 18SW 40SW 120 SW 300
Product flow (m³/d)17,241,2120312
Product flow (m³/h)0,721,72513
Raw water feed water flow (m³/h)1,85,415,238
Energy recovery % with ERD--5050
Membranes5 x 404012 x 40408 x 804018 x 8040
High-pressure pump (kW)4111130
Recommended minimum of PV panels (360Wp)194660140
Container (ft)8202020
Brackish Water Products
SolarRO model nameBW 30 BW 60 BW 120BW 500
Product flow (m³/d) 2960120492
Product flow (m³/h) 1,22,5520,5
Feed water flow (m³/h) (TDS 2000 mg/L)1,94,28,824
Recovery rate %63605785
Membranes6 x 404012 x 40406 x 804018 x 8040
High-pressure pump (kW)2,23,05,518,5
Recommended minimum of PV panels (360Wp)121817148
Container (ft)8202020

Responds to your environment

SolarRO ANVS® system seamlessly adjusts to changes in your environment. It automatically adapts to solar fluctuations with increased uptime, so there is no need for manual adjustments.

When used connected with unstable grid power, the control system automatically sets the run speed keeping the RO pressure stable and the purification operation running.

If there is a change in raw water salinity and composition, the system adjusts it self by keeping the RO pressure constant at the pre-set level.

Customisable for every situation

SolarRO ANVS®  system fits flexibly to every power source. It operates with direct solar PV power, so you don’t necessarily need a stable and continuous power supply.

The seamless adaptation to fluctuations is ideal for solar-only use. The system operates with any DC or AC power source or automatically blends both.

SolarRO ANVS® is the most cost-effective desalination solution for off-grid use with OPEX savings.

Constant remote monitoring

SolarRO ANVS® system is accessible anytime through an intelligent DrivePro® remote monitoring management system. This allows automatic and low-maintenance operations with convenient and efficient backup support.

It provides you with live readings, analytics, control, and parameter adjustment capability.

You’ll get instant access to essential data that dynamically displays the desalination system’s safe performance.



The system is modular and scalable. Single SolarRO unit capacities range from 7 to 500 m³/day. You can also use multiple units in parallel, according to local needs.

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to advising you to find the right solution. We offer a complete off-grid water treatment solution with product training and full technical support service.