Our patented ANVS® technology is ideal for solar-powered water production because it can maintain constant pressure even on cloudy weather. Overall, ANVS has the lowest energy consumption of all reverse osmosis systems


  • No batteries or energy storage needed when connected to solar
  • Can be connected to grid or generator e.g. for night-time use
  • Easy installation and automatic operation
  • Low-maintenance, no on-site adjustments
  • Remote monitoring and smart control features
  • Produced water meets the highest WHO quality standards

It’s modular and scalable. How much water do you need?

Sea Water RO Units

The performance of our Sea Water units has been proved in salty waters from the Atlantic to the Pacific and in the most polluted sea in the world, the Baltic Sea.

With ANVS® technology and an energy recovery device, you can reduce energy consumption by 50 %. It means that you need 50 % less solar panels to make the same amount of water.

Energy consumption can be as low as 1,6 kWh/m³ in a 24/7 operating system.

Sea Water Products
SolarRO model nameSW 18SW 36SW 100 SW 300
Product flow (m³/d)1836100312
Product flow (L/h)7501620420013000
Feed water flow (m³/h)362036
Energy recovery % with ERD--6050
Membranes6 x 404012 x 40408 x 804018 x 8040
High-pressure pump (kW)58,29,230
Overall power consumption *7111744
Approximate number of PV panels (285Wp)376090232
Container (ft)8202020
* Includes seawater feed pumping

Brackish Water RO Units

Our Brackish Water product line can turn any lake, river, or contaminated borewell into a source of clean drinking water.

Energy consumption is only 0,6 kWh/m³ in hybrid use.

Brackish Water Products
SolarRO model nameBW 18 BW 30 BW 300BW 500
Product flow (m³/d) 1829300500
Product flow (L/h) 75012001300020500
Feed water flow (m³/h) (TDS 2000 mg/L)1,81,816,424
Recovery rate %40706060
Membranes3 x 40406 x 404012 x 804018 x 8040
High-pressure pump (kW)1,12,27,518,5
Overall power consumption** (kW)231835
Approximate number of PV panels (285Wp)101695148
Container (ft)-82020

** Includes raw water feed pumping

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