Clean drinking water using free solar energy  

Solar Water Solutions offers sustainable and economically efficient small-scale water purification products. We provide clean drinking water from seawater, lakes, rivers and boreholes. With our solution, you become completely independent from external water supplies in remote locations.

Our mobile stand-alone units operate with solar energy, without batteries or energy storage. Scalable SolarRO units are easy to install and operate with low maintenance. Ultimately we aim to replace all polluting and noisy diesel generators with solar power in off-grid desalination.

Water treatment products to solve your needs

SolarRO MINI 50 water cleaning unit is ideal for vacation homes, camping sites or small boats. It produces quality drinking water from rivers, lakes, ground or floodwater. The unit is light, mobile and easy to relocate. It is easy to install with solar panels, 12 V battery, generator or electrical grid.

SolarRO PRO 300 water cleaning unit makes clean drinking water available for home owners on small islands and in the countryside – or for those who just want to be off the grid. Clean, quality drinking water can be easily produced from the sea, lakes, rivers or wells with low maintenance.

SolarRO PRO 1000 and 2000 water purification units provide clean water for drinking, showering, water kiosks, industrial needs or micro-irrigation. Ideal for remote islands, small communities and desert locations. The modular design makes the units scalable for up to 500 m³ per day.

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SolarRO PRO 2000 producing drinking water 2 m³ per hour from the Baltic Sea with 100% solar energy.


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