Solar Water Solutions part of the Imagine H2O Asia network

Imagine H2O Asia brings new water innovations to regions most affected by water scarcity. We are proud to join the network and be part of the solution, together making a positive impact on the Asia-Pacific water crisis.

The United Nations recently reported that progress towards achieving universal access to water and sanitation is alarmingly off track. Climate disruption makes this even harder for communities across Asia.

Nearly 500 million people in Asia-Pacific lack basic drinking water access, and disparities in access between urban and rural areas are as high as 30% in some countries. 

Imagine H2O Asia partners with promising entrepreneurs and their municipal and industrial customers to accelerate the adoption of solutions to the water crisis.

Solar Water Solutions and ten other startups from seven countries were selected this year to join Imagine H2O Asia’s Cohort 5 portfolio.

We are delighted to join the Imagine H2O Asia network and reach new customers in the Asia-Pacific region by bringing sustainable drinking water access to remote communities.

Learn more about the great water solutions selected for Imagine H2O programs Cohort 5 in 2024:


Improving operational efficiencies in water utilities

SmartValve (United Kingdom)

Atera Water (Singapore)

Movements Inc. (South Korea)


Improving operational efficiencies in wastewater treatment plants 

UrbanBlue Technologies (India)

Aquamonitrix (Ireland) 

N&E Innovations (Singapore)


Monitoring water quality in facilities and freshwater bodies 

NatureDots (India)

MIPS Innovations (Singapore)


Tracking changes in groundwater levels for farmers

Aumsat Technologies (India)


Monitoring industrial groundwater consumption in remote areas

Ontoto (Australia)


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