Connecting with Danone for sustainable impact

Solar Water Solutions attended the Danone Communities LEX event to share innovation, learn, discover new business models, and prepare for a sustainable future together.

For more than 10 years, Danone has been shaping the decentralized water market, by partnering with and managing a community of startups, investors, changemakers, and impact experts around the world. Every 18 months, Danone gathers this network which includes safe water enterprises, during a 4-day Learning Expedition (LEX) to connect, share best practices, and co-create solutions that give access to safe drinking water.

The 2023 edition of the LEX hosted by Drinkwell in Bangladesh gathered in January over 60 participants including Naandi Water from India, Project Maji and Jibu Inc. from Africa, Nazava Water Filters from Indonesia, Dlo Haiti, 1001fontaines Cambodia, and Vietnam, etc., many purpose-driven leaders with the ability to go out of their comfort zone, learning from each other, and being innovative to meet their ambition.

The week was very insightful, full of ideas, collaboration opportunities, and sharing of expertise. This is what Danone Communities and LEX are all about: open-source mindset, innovation, learning, discovering new business models, and preparing for the future. And the best way is to join forces!

Thank you Danone Communities for the great event bringing together clean water enterprises making an impact.

Glad to connect with you all and co-create solutions that give access to safe and sustainable drinking water ♻️☀️💧💚


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