SolarRO PRO 300

Clean drinking water production from lakes, rivers and boreholes 300 L/h and from 0.6% saline brackish water 190 L/h.


Tested approx. product water (permeate) flow300 L/h — 190 L/h
Feed waterLake/ River Brackish
Feed water TDS 500 mg/L — 6.000 mg/L
Test water temperature 20C
Salt rejection 99%
Motor0,5kW/230 VAC or 400W/24 VDC
PumpRotary vane
System pressure 14 - 15 bar, automatically self-adjusting
Pressure Vessel 4 x 2521, SS316L
Membrane4 x 2521, polyamide
RO tubing SS 316L
Pre-filter 2 x Big Blue 10” (5µm, 50µm PP filter)
Pre filter casing3 x Big Blue 10" PVC
Permeate post treatment1 x 10” 5um 800mg Activated Carbon + Ultraviolet
Ultraviolet lamp life span9000 hours
Permeate quality pH 6.5 -8.5, TDS 37- 95 mg/L, 100% disinfected
Power requirement max. 0,5kW
PV panel (recommended )8 x 250-290 Wp / < 40 Voc
Alternative power supply Grid 230VAC or 1kW Generator or Battery 24V
DimensionsL =91cm, B =90cm, H =62cm
Warranty2 Years (filters & membranes not under warranty)



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