New revolutionary desalination system with zero energy costs: SolarRO PRO 3500 & 7000

Containerized SolarRO reverse osmosis system is ideal for water production in remote islands and rural areas. Production capacity up to 7000 L/h. Watch this video and learn more!

Solar Water Solutions introduces the world’s most energy efficient desalination system

This is how to turn seawater into drinking water with zero carbon footprint.

Make potable water from seawater using 100% solar energy.
The system works without any chemicals or batteries. Zero battery investments and zero running costs thanks to our friend, the sun. The result: The lowest life-cycle costs.

The SolarRO products are scalable to suit your capacity requirements.

This fully automatic standalone system is installed in a 20ft container. The production capacity from 3500 L/h up to 7000 L/h treated from seawater with total dissolved solids (TDS) 36,000 ppm.

Ideal for off-grid islands, camps, farms, hotels and villages.
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1st solar-powered desalination plant in the world was opened at the @unam_na Sam Nujoma campus last week. Finnish #tech by @SolarWaterSolut & #research by @UniTurku. Celebrations were attended by many honourable guests. Read more: @teamfinlandfi


In a collaboration project between the Universities of Turku and Namibia, a large tree area is planted in Namibia to function as a carbon sink and serve the ecological and economic needs of Namibia. @unam_na @FinEmbWindhoek @SolarWaterSolut #carbongarden