This is how to get clean drinking water at your cottage using solar energy: Five easy steps!

Carrying water canisters to the cottage or to an island is hard work: now you can avoid transporting water by acquiring this easy-to-use and compact water purification unit.

  1. Order the SolarRO unit and it will be delivered soon from the factory, tested and ready to use.
  2. All you need to do is to connect the water inflow, outflow and production tubes to the unit using the clamps that come with the package.
  3. Then attach the vacuum filter to the end of the tube and submerse it in the source of untreated water; sea, lake or well.
  4. Connect the unit to a power source of your choice: a solar panel, mains electricity or a battery.
  5. It is then ready to to click on using the on/off switch!

This new eco-friendly invention will make your leisure time easier

Carrying water canisters to the cottage or to an island is hard work: now you can avoid transporting water by acquiring this easy-to-use and compact water purification unit. Water also keeps fresher when it does not need to be stored for long periods. The water produced in the SolarRO MINI50 unit has been proven to be safe and is even cleaner than municipal tap water. You will get completely clean and fresh drinking and household water in a cheap and environmentally-friendly way.

Sea-, lake-, river- and well water can all be safely purified without chemicals. The technology of the equipment is based on reverse osmosis, in which salts and impurities dissolved in untreated water are separated using a filter membrane.

The lowest price on the market is based on high-quality design and the simplicity of the unit. The unit contains no complex electronics that could fail. Its open structure combined with top-quality acid-resistant components makes it reliable and easy to maintain.

An additional or reserve water system, also for locations with wells

The amount of drinking and household water produced by the SolarRO MINI50 unit is 25 L per hour from seawater and 50 L per hour from lake- or well water. Under normal living conditions, Finns consume on average 155 L of water per day. Under cottage conditions, consumption varies depending on the level of equipment. The typical consumption of a person at a cottage is 20-40 litres per day.

With no supply of municipal water, a well may be used which does not, however, always provide clean water. In the archipelago in particular, salt water can easily leak into wells, so that they cannot be used for drinking water. Through reverse osmosis, wells can be re-established as sources of drinking water.

The SolarRO MINI50 unit can easily be directly connected to a solar panel, mains electricity or a generator. A car or boat battery can also be used as a source of power. The unit is trouble-free to maintain, and this can easily be done by following the instructions. SolarRO water purification units are made in Finland. The units have been developed and tested in cooperation with Aalto University.

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