Clean water for developing markets at #AidEx

At AidEx2017 event Finland presents fifteen companies with innovative and sustainable solutions for developing economies and crisis management.

AidEx is the leading international event for humanitarian aid and global development, held over two days annually at Brussels Expo, Belgium.

The event was created to help the international aid and development community engage the private sector in a neutral setting, drive innovation and support the ever-growing need for emergency aid and development programmes.

Clean quality drinking water from seawater, lakes, rivers, boreholes and floodwater

Solar Water Solutions is one of the AidEx attendees in Finland’s pavilion presenting sustainable solutions for developing economies and crisis management.

Solar Water Solutions water purification units can provide water supply security in preparedness phase, enable fast response, ensure effective recovery and remain in use by disaster affected communities after the recovery.

The stand-alone SolarRO units operate 100% with solar energy without any fossil fuels or expensive batteries – and have easy connectivity to an electrical grid or a diesel generator as a back-up system during non-solar hours.

We can offer a mobile and easy-to-use solution in WASH responses conducted by Humanitarian Development Organizations, Peacekeeping, and Crisis Management Operations. Addressing the increasing need for water supply securities now economically and sustainably viable. With our solution, one become completely independent from other external water supplies in remote locations.

Today, the world witnesses the highest number of both natural and man-made disasters ever. Innovations are needed to reduce the effects of climate change, to relieve the suffering of people, to mitigate the risks of natural disasters and to address the challenges of sustainable development.

Finland is a highly innovative technology superpower, ranked among the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world, finds a recent study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). Finland has a strong knowledge base in the areas of cleantech, mobile technologies, education and health, sectors which are also well represented at this year’s Finland pavilion at AidEx Brussels at location: C15. Finpro news

Welcome to visit Team Finland’s booth C15 at AidEx Brussels 15.-16.11.2017!

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