Clarion Hotel’s toast of sustainable drinking water

A toast to the Baltic Sea and boosting the efforts to clean it! Clarion Hotel Helsinki and Clean the Baltic Sea Project with partners organized an event focusing on climate change issues.

The event hosted by John Nurminen Foundation took place in the Clarion hotels Sky Room above the roofs of Helsinki, with a great view to the city and sunny archipelago. The happening gathered together guests and companies on a mission to Protect the Baltic Sea.

We had a pleasure to showcase solar powered water purification system and serve pure and sustainable water purified from seawater with a SolarRO MINI unit.

Produced clean water was used as an ingredient of a seasonal drink made by bartenders at Clarion Hotel Helsinki.

The “Baltic Sea Cocktail” recipe:

Add water from the Baltic Sea purified by SolarRO unit, add a splash of sparkling, top with a slice of fresh Finnish cucumber, rim the glass with sea salt to add an exciting twist, enjoy!

Cheers to all participants on a mission to clean the seas!