Brand new desalination unit installed in northern archipelago

SolarRO PRO systems brackish water model purifies potable water directly from the Baltic Sea. The daily capacity of 18m³ clean and fresh drinking water is produced for youth camp visitors on an island in Southern Finland.

High quality water purified from seawater

In SolarRO units we use modern, high quality thin-film composite RO (Reverse Osmosis) membranes, which remove all impurities, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from the feed water, leaving only high-quality water as the end product. Activated Carbon filter and UV treatment at the end of the purification process give the drinking water a good taste and ensure its 100% disinfection.

Renewable energy source

SolarRO PRO unit can operate directly with solar panels, without any batteries between. You can also switch it to grid or generator for clean water production during non-solar hours.

The system is easy to use and maintain. Install the unit´s suction hose into the water source, connect the solar PV cables and push the start button and you begin to get clean water. No other adjustments needed.

All the filters and membranes are readily accessible for very easy replacement. The filters can be changed to new ones in a couple of minutes. Also the membranes are very easy to replace, taking 5–10 minutes each. Depending on the user case, pretreatment filters should be changed 2–4 times per year. We recommend changing the RO membranes every 3–5 years. The PRO units have an integrated membrane cleaning system for better production efficiency and longer membrane life span.

Great durability, made in Scandinavia

The SolarRO PRO units are made from the very best materials and the aluminium frame, pressure vessels and tubes are expected to withstand at least twenty years.

• Frame is sea aluminum
• Can operate continuously the whole day
• Low energy consumption
• Silent run (< 54 dB from 1meter distance)
• Fully CE compliant
• Competitive investment cost – no batteries or energy storage needed
• Easy to install, plug & play system
• The system can run dry
• Fully automatic system
• Low energy consumption
• No chemicals used

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