High quality, sustainability and lower operating costs

In the small-scale water treatment and desalination segment, we provide the most cost-effective green solutions. Our revolutionary proprietary design is combined with the best modern components, pumps and technologies. All SolarRO components are tested and certified according to the highest international standards. We want to offer only the best quality and safest products that are easy to use. One main design principle is that all components, filters and membranes, are very easily replaceable. Product research and testing have been done in close collaboration with Aalto University, the leading technology university in Finland.

Innovative RO solutions at competitive prices

All Solar Water Solutions’ products are designed and manufactured in Finland, in our own production facilities. Our proprietary technology maintains a constant pressure in the Reverse Osmosis (RO) modules at all times, enabling optimal clean water production.

Our solar-powered RO units operate effectively regardless of water inflow fluctuations due to variable solar or wind conditions. SolarRO products are designed for demanding sea or desert conditions. The technology is mechanical and the system operates automatically.


Key benefits:

  • Operates 100% with solar energy
  • Complete independence from external energy or water supplies
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Operational costs reduced up to 90%
  • Competitive investment cost – no batteries or energy storage needed
  • Easy to install and operate with low maintenance
  • Fully automatic system – filters and RO membranes are quick to replace
  • Easy Plug & Play operation
  • Integrated membrane cleaning system
  • 24/7 hybrid models optional
  • Efficient energy recovery and cooling system
  • Mobile and easy to relocate

All units can be easily switched to an electrical grid or a diesel generator as a back-up system during non-solar hours.