Questions and answers regarding water purification with SolarRO

Produce your own drinking water with SolarRO unit using free solar energy. Just plug and drink!

What is drinking water produced by SolarRO water purification units like?

The water is neutral, tastes good and is proven to be safe and clean.

How is the quality of the purified drinking water tested?

Drinking water purified with the SolarRO system is tested in a laboratory that has International ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation. The water quality meets the criteria for good drinking water set by the World Health Organisation (WHO)The International Water Association (IWA) has declared that water treated by RO (Reverse Osmosis) is pure, clean and healthy.

What kind of water can be used to produce clean drinking water with SolarRO?

Clean drinking water can be produced from sea, lake, river, well and floodwater.

Is the drinking water produced by the water purification unit as clean as tap water or bottled water?

The drinking water produced by the SolarRO unit is just as clean as tap water in Finland. It contains more of important minerals and less chlorine than normal municipal tap water. The quality of the water is the same as high-quality bottled mineral water. Outside Finland, bottled water is often made using the reverse osmosis method.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a method that increases the pressure of untreated water to a level higher than its osmotic pressure. After this, the clean water molecules pass through a membrane. The membrane keeps all impurities, such as dissolved solids, chemical residues, bacteria and viruses, on the other side.

How is the SolarRO unit used?

The unit is easy to use. It has been tested and is ready to use when delivered from the factory. The filters are already installed. The end user only has to attach the inflow, outflow and production tubes to the unit using the clamps that come with the package. The pre-filter also has to be attached to the end of the tube and submersed in the source of untreated water. Once the unit has been plugged in, the unit is ready to be turned on with the on/off switch.

How long can the SolarRO unit and filters be used safely?

Our unit has been designed for continuous use. It’s a good idea to select the size of the unit based on household water consumption, in which case the interval for changing the pre-filters is planned according to assumed flow volumes.
The SolarRO unit is manufactured from quality components in Finland, and it has a one-year guarantee. The interval for changing the filters varies according to the quality of the untreated water and hours of operation. On average, the filters should be changed 1-2 times per summer.

What does it cost to operate the SolarRO unit?

The operating costs are minimal and high-quality water can be produced very affordably.

What size of household is the unit suitable for?

The SolarRO product family has units for different needs. Check the production capacities for our water purification units on the Products page.

How is the SolarRO unit maintained and where are spare parts available if needed?

The unit is easy to maintain and you can do maintenance yourself by following the instructions.
Spare parts are available from the manufacturer at a reasonable price. The unit is rain-resistant and made of sea aluminium. The membrane can be changed each year or stored over the winter in propylene glycol, which is siphoned into the unit with a pump. Glycol can be purchased from the manufacturer. The membrane is inexpensive, and it can also be changed the following summer.

All SolarRO components are tested and certified according to the highest international standards. We provide after-sales support, service and training with local partners all over the world.

How long does a reverse osmosis membrane last?

The membrane has a service life of 2-3 years when properly used. The reverse osmosis membranes function better when they are used continuously rather than occasionally. Never allow the reverse osmosis membranes to dry out. Do not let the unit freeze during the winter. During the winter, antifreeze fluid must be added to the unit or it must be stored in a warm place.

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