Solar Water Solutions makes clean water with solar power. Affordable and sustainable desalination can revolutionize economies in the developing world and in the water-thirsty regions globally. Our patented reverse osmosis technology was listed on the TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020.


Solar energy’s nature is to be variable. Our unique technology creates constant pressure for the reverse osmosis purification process, even when it’s cloudy.

The automatic ANVS® system maximizes water production with optimal flow rate throughout the day. It enables you to make high-quality drinking water with solar power without any energy storage. All units can also be used with a hybrid power source.

Key benefits

Instant cost savings

The most energy-efficient reverse osmosis system means you need fewer solar panels, and when connected to the grid, you can save up to 60 % electricity.

No battery investments

Direct solar power from PV panels, no batteries between.

No on-site adjustments needed

Automatic, simple, and durable system for demanding conditions.

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Economical life-cycle costs

Operates with local trusted service partners

Laboratory tested clean and safe drinking water

Committed to environmental sustainability

Intelligent IoT communication and control

Cleantech design made in Finland