What is happening in Tuvalu💧

Tuvalu solved how to make clean water sustainably. The simplicity of operation and reliability were key decision points for selecting the Solar Water Solutions' seawater desalination system.

Tuvalu – situated about midway between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean – benefits from the desalination systems features designed for harsh conditions. The system is equipped with remote monitoring access to display all the essential data dynamically making it easy to supervise it accurately before having an impact on your water purification process. It comes with a solar drive, which is IP66 rated to withstand rough conditions such as heat, dirt, and vibrations.

This automatic and compact 11 kW desalination system produces 1600 L/h of clean water, pumping it directly from seawater.

The mobile SolarRO unit can be built on a trailer or pre-installed in an insulated container, based on the client’s location needs.

It is an energy-saving and fuel-saving clean water supply solution for off-grid locations, and remote places without communal piping infrastructure. The system can be easily connected to batteries or a generator for non-solar hours.

Read more about Tuvalu’s response to the challenges of climate change at tuvaluclimatechange.gov.tv

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