UNAM utilizes solar-desalination for bottling and irrigation

The University of Namibia installed a bottling facility and planted more olive trees at its solar power operated seawater desalination plant to illustrate the wide range of possibilities that Namibia has to utilize the vast water resources along its 1,500 km coastline.


Checking out Finnish-made pilot desalination plant in Henties Bay. @SolarWaterSolut, @UniTurku and @unam_na worked together to bring this solar-powered plant to the coastal campus. The plant has the capacity to desalinate about 30 000 litres of ocean water per day.

Kulisseista voin kertoa, että melko tunkkaisen meriveden muuttaminen juotavaksi @SolarWaterSolut laitteella oli aika paljon helpompaa, kuin "keltaisen veden" tislaaminen juotavaksi "kotikonstein". Puhdas vesi ei ole millään tavalla itsestäänselvyys! #voikotätäsyödä https://twitter.com/SolarWaterSolut/status/1376802785547718661

Solar Water Solutions@SolarWaterSolut

Is it okay to drink beer when we run out of water? @HenriAlen and @LauriReuter figure out if we can transfer seas drinkable, and urine to beer! Excited to be featured on ”Can You Eat This?”. Watch this inspirational show at YLE TV1 or: https://areena.yle.fi/1-50511371?seek=253 #voikotätäsyödä ☀️💦