Sneak peek video of a on-a-trailer desalination unit

Easy water without emissions for remote locations. The total energy consumption of this seawater desalination system can be cut from 5 to 2.5 kWh/m3, which facilitates a dramatic reduction either in operational spending on grid electricity or in capital spend on solar panels.

Solar Water Solutions’ advanced, adaptive nozzle valve system ANVS® couples efficient desalination technology with solar energy for seawater and brackish water treatment. The company’s technology offers low-cost, containerized, and mobile on-a-trailer desalination systems for remote communities while removing the need for reliable grid energy.

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Sharing the joy of clean water! A fresh start for our new project in Kenya. This 100% solar-powered desalination system purifies 1,2 m³/h of drinking water from a saline borewell. Taking action together with #ClimateFundManagers, @epicenterafrica, and @LORENTZPumps ☀️💧🌱

In #ChangeThroughExchange, Audi employees get out of their routine and acquire a fresh way of looking at things. Today we learn how Solar Water Solutions uses solar energy to produce clean water – a major inspiration for Audi.
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