On an off-the-grid paradise island drinking water is made from the sea

The benefits of a solar powered water purification system make life easier and less expensive on a remote island cabin.

A Helsinki based designer couple found themselves a unique paradise to escape from the city. Searching of the place took over five years and countless landings on different islands.
The chosen one is part of Finnish archipelago, the largest and least exploited archipelago in the world.

The plan is to design and build modern cabins on the island starting with a sauna-guesthouse and a workshop. The couple chose not to make an expensive drilled well, but to produce clean water directly from seawater with SolarRO system.

”Because there is no electricity on the island and the island is rather rocky, we decided to use a reverse osmosis water purification system instead of an expensive well digging project. The SolarRO system doesn’t require much energy and we use it with pure solar energy. We’ve been pleased: the filters are easy to change and we’ve also gotten good service :)”

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