Press Release: Climate Fund Managers to partner with Solar Water Solutions

A breakthrough in energy-efficient water infrastructure: Dutch Climate Fund Managers and Finnish Solar Water Solutions to provide clean water for 400 000 Kenyans by 2023.

CFM To Partner With SWS To Support Development Of Solar-Powered Desalination In Rural Kenya

A Dutch-based blended finance manager Climate Fund Managers (CFM) has agreed to co-finance and co-develop the installation of up to 200 desalination units in Kitui County, Kenya. The systems are based on innovation by Solar Water Solutions, a Finnish water technology company that has solved how to make clean water with solar power, with the lowest energy consumption in the market.

Antti Pohjola, CEO of Solar Water Solutions: “Through this partnership with CFM and locally with Kitui County and Epicenter Africa, we can together revolutionize access to safe affordable water in rural Kenya. This project marks a breakthrough in solar-powered water infrastructure. It wouldn’t have happened without the four key elements: A sustainable technology that brings down the cost of clean water, access to finance with a leading institutional investor, local partners, and a market-based business model.”

The parties now start piloting a project that eventually aims to provide clean water made of brackish groundwater for 400 000 Kenyans by 2023. The total funding opportunity is estimated to be up to USD 15 million.