Off-grid solar water system taps into Kenya’s booming smartphone base

Aquatech, a platform for professionals in the world of water technology, shared our story of the Solar Water ATM system in Kenya. Aquatech shares information about the business and has all "need to know" details of the water market today.

Decentralized, off-grid and sustainable Solar Water ATM project has been up and running for a few months and it has got attention in various channels. Featured in Aquatech, CEO of Solar Water Solutions, Antti Pohjola tells about the water selling and distribution system, and the potential of it to the economical growth in Kenya.

Aquatech talks about how Kenya has changed, especially about how important part of the infrastructure mobile phones are today. According to statistics. the number of subscriptions to mobile phones in Kenya reached 49.5 million in 2018, against a population of 51.4 million. Africa also relies on mobile banking more heavily than the rest of the world and is becoming the most advanced system in the world. Antti Pohjola, CEO of Solar Water Solutions refers to it as “family wallets”, and this type of mobile banking is also a great system against corruption and helps to track money in the country.

Take a look at our press release to see how we are able to take advantage of Kenya’s mobile payment systems in water selling and distribution:

The market for off-grid desalination is predicted to be worth $35 billion by 2028. The main focus of the market is the need for decentralized, off-grid systems that can provide high-quality water sustainably. Remote islands like the Caribbean, through to Indian-Ocean islands in South East Asia don’t have municipal water infrastructure and they can benefit from off-grid desalination solutions in the same way as Kenya. Many current solutions use other energy sources like diesel generators, that have a negative impact on the environment. Antti Pohjola believes that in the future, nations will focus on reducing their carbon footprint and because of this, they want to change to cleaner and more sustainable alternatives.

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