Audi X Solar Water Solutions

In Audi's new video series #ChangeThroughExchange, Audi employees change perspectives and seek new ideas for climate protection by talking to companies, institutions, and people who have proven themselves sustainable. We had the pleasure of having Audi's Environmental Officer visit us and have an inspirational discussion on sustainability!

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Sharing the joy of clean water! A fresh start for our new project in Kenya. This 100% solar-powered desalination system purifies 1,2 m³/h of drinking water from a saline borewell. Taking action together with #ClimateFundManagers, @epicenterafrica, and @LORENTZPumps ☀️💧🌱

In #ChangeThroughExchange, Audi employees get out of their routine and acquire a fresh way of looking at things. Today we learn how Solar Water Solutions uses solar energy to produce clean water – a major inspiration for Audi.
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